Products of all pits are sold via the sales office which is entirely in charge of mineral aggregate trade on behalf of SzczecińskieKopalnieSurowcówMineralnych S.A. Experienced staff of the Sales Office will assist you in choosing the raw material of appropriate quality, define its necessary quantity and organise the transport so as to meet your service expectations.

The primary tasks of the Sales Office include:

  • acquisition of aggregate customers on target markets,
  • promoting and sales of SKSM S.A. products,
  • organisation of transport services,
  • reloading services on Regalica bank,
  • conduction price negotiations,
  • preparation of national and export market analyses,
  • forecasting and assessment of demand on target markets,
  • forecasting and assessment of customers’ quality expectations.

Due to the locations of the pits, our products are sold to the market of the Western-Pomeranian, Lubuskie, Wielkopolskie and Lower Silesian markets. A share of aggregates is transported to Germany which is a natural target market due to its vicinity.

In order to cater for our private customers, we opened a sales agency in Szczecin on the Regalica embankment. Aggregate is brought to the bank with barges, which reduces greatly the transport costs, and thereafter it is delivered with lorries with a capacity of 3-26 tons directly to our customers.

We are open to the needs and problems of our customers, and do our best to provide them with top solutions and professional service. We provide comprehensive services, swift and on-time deliveries, as well as technical assistance.