Our facilities operate in a specific social environment which encourages us to undertake various initiatives for the specific communes and the entire region. These initiatives are mainly associated with human environment, as well as direct material, financial and organisational aid. To this end we cooperate with local authorities, public institutions and non-govs.

Income gained by communes from so-called mining fees and real-estate property taxes (totalling mPLN 2.7-2.8 yearly in 2009-2011) is a direct and steady benefit from the operation of SKSM. Pits stimulate local labour markets and economic prosperity by recruiting employees from local communities and cooperating with local businesses. It is worth noting that the leisure and natural potential of former pit grounds may be converted into a positive social and economic effect by encouraging the development of local tourist services.

Apart from the above, we actively contribute to the life of local communities by supporting various regional public educational, cultural, sports, charity and health institutions. We also provide donations for schools and kindergartens, sports clubs, film festivals and various events. In case of emergency, we deliver aggregate free of charge or provide heavy-duty machinery (clearing of flood damage, snow service etc.). We are open to the expectations of local communities and try to meet them to the greatest possible extent.