High business potential is one of the primary advantages of SKSM S.A. Currently, Szczecińskie Kopalnie Surowców Mineralnych S.A. is among the major companies producing aggregates for the construction industry. The quantitative share of the Company in the Polish market of natural aggregates is approx. 5%. However, in the North-West of Poland we can gladly enjoy the position of the leader. Thanks to our qualified staff, persistent investment efforts and many years of specialist experience, we can realise our prospective plans to reinforce our position on the Polish market..

In opposite to our competitors, our production capacity enables us to provide aggregate supplies 12 months a year. Due to a high number of production units and their distribution, we are always near to building sites of our customers, thus lowering by far the transport costs and the total aggregate price. Furthermore, in response to the expectations of our business partners, we are able to start delivering new products at minimum expense.

We lay great emphasis on close cooperation with our customers, introduction of new products, development of existing and introduction of modern technologies. We constantly seek for new applications of aggregate available on the market and deal with individual orders tailored according to customers’ specifications.