Szczecińskie Kopalnie Surowców Mineralnych S.A.operates on the following field of activity:

  • mining and processing of natural aggregates,
  • production of mineral raw materials for building and road construction industry,
  • production of machinery and equipment for aggregate treatment,
  • production of concrete.

Thanks to a nearly half-century experience in the industry of mineral raw materials, we swiftly respond to the requirements of the today’s market. The production activity of SKSM S.A. is mainly oriented to the following sectors:

  • building industry:

– general, housing and industrial, – road construction, – hydrotechnical,

  • road construction:

– materials for road bases, – grits for bituminous mass.

Within the above sectors we have gathered a group of partners in the construction industry thanks to which we have taken the leading position within the northwestern part of the Polish market. The area of business activity covers five regions:

  • Western-Pomeranian voivodeship,
  • Lubuskie voivodeship,
  • Wielkopolskie voivodeship,
  • Łódź voivodeship,
  • Lower-Silesian voivodeship,
  • export market in Germany: Brandenburg, Meklemburg, Vorpommern.

Our products are intended for construction and engineering companies, concrete and prefabricate plants, road construction companies, as well as private customers. Considering the convenience of the last mentioned group, Szczecińskie Kopalnie Surowców Mineralnych opened a sales agency in Szczecin on the Regalica Bank where sales for private customers are provided.