The quality of provided aggregates stands as a priority for SzczecińskieKopalnieSurowcówMineralnych, as the properties of materials used in the building and road construction industry impacts vitally on the durability and safety of infrastructure. The faultless reliability of SKSM S.A.’s products is achieved thanks to a production process with comprehensive treatment of the original raw material, coupled with its constant monitoring. The maintaining of the high product quality is possible thanks to:

  • wide expertise and qualifications of specialist managerial staff and experienced workers,
  • processing and production lines delivered according to strictly defined procedures,
  • usage of machinery and devices of latest generation (aquamators, elliptic screens, logwashers, jigs),
  • constant production quality monitoring by laboratory examinations

The quality level of our aggregates is guaranteed by valid specialist laboratory examinations performed periodically by:

  • FERROCARBO – ZakładBadańLaboratoryjnych w Krakowie
  • Geoprojekt-Szczecin,
  • MPA Berlin-Brandenburg.

Moreover, the quality of our aggregates is monitored on a current basis also by the central laboratory of Szczecin, as well as local plant laboratories. Aggregates produced by SKSM S.A. fulfil the requirements of Polish and European standards (table of standards). Each batch of material is supplemented with a declaration of conformity with a relevant norm and a quality certificate.