According to the definition included in the act on protection of agricultural and forest land of 3rd February 1995, land recultivation is granting or returning of utility or natural value to degraded or degenerated land by means of appropriate land modelling, improvement of physical and chemical properties, adjustment of water conditions, redevelopment of soil, reinforcement of slopes and reconstruction or construction of necessary roads.

Land recultivation is planned, designed and performed at all stages of industrial activity. On basis of this principle, the Company performs the recultivation of mined areas along with its mining activity.

Year 2011 formed a breakthrough in terms of the amount of land on which the Company has completed recultivation works which were successfully accepted by the Province Office and confirmed by the issued administrative decisions.

In total, 69.17 ha of land was recultivated, out of which 61.37 ha were accepted by the Province Governor as completed. With regard to the remaining 7.8 ha, the acceptance application procedure was completed in the end of February 2012.

In September 2011 the Company completed the recultivation of the seam entitled ‘Dębowiec III poleE’.
The recultivation of this area was oriented towards the creation of a multi-purpose water reservoir with an option of tourist and leisure usage of post-mining areas, according to the decision of the Międzyrzecze Province Governor.

Consequently, as a result of mining and recultivation activities, a reservoir of approx. 4.3 ha was created. The remaining post-mining area was modelled, smoothened and landscaped in a manner ensuring its successful development in the future, as well as employment of its leisure advantages. Natural plant successino may be observed on the prevailing part of land surrounding the reservoir.

At the Storkowo pit in the second half of 2011, near to the Storkowo II plant, a forest-oriented recultivation was completed of two land plots of a total area of 17.23 ha. As a confirmation of the above works, the Łobez Province Governor issued a decision approving the recultivation of these grounds as complete.
The area shall be developed by the land owner: Łobez forest precinct.
Furthermore, in 2011 the Storkowo II plant was shut down. The resources of the plant were depleted and the grounds underwent a comprehensive recultivation. Due to the completion of recultivation works in the entire area of the Storkowo II plant in January 2012, the Company applied for the acceptance of recultivation of land plots of a total area of 12.41 ha.

At the Golice pit in 2011 the recultivation works were completed within two land plots totalling 12.1 ha. Trees were planted in a part of the area.

On request of the Company, thanks to the newly developed recultivation documentation, the forest-orientation was extended to include agriculture, leisure, sports, multi-purpose reservoirs and ecological utilities.

In 2011 Gorzupia pit was dealing with recultivation works in the area of the 10.92 ha reservoir. The recultivation decision on the grounds including water and agricultural features was issued in January 2012.

In 2011 recultivation works were completed at the Ognica pit in a part of the reservoir and its North-West surroundings. This area of 9.3ha, approved by the Governor of the Gryfino province as recultivated for water and agricultural purposes, is comprised in 80% of a water basin.

In 2011 intensive recultivation works were also performed near the reservoir of the Zwierzyn pit. In the end of the year the Company applied at the Governor’s office for the issuance of a recultivation acceptance decision of an area of 7.8 ha. The areas of the Zwierzyn pit were recultivated for forest and tree planting purposes (land areas)and a multi-purpose reservoir, as approved by the Governor.