The Storkowo pit established in 1979-80, mining and processing aggregate from the Storkowo seam in two plants ‘Storkowo I’ and ‘Storkowo II’ is undergoing a deep retrofit project at the turn from 2011 to 2012.

Due to the depletion of the Storkowo seam, in 2010 the Company documented the Ginawa seam located on the other side of the road. The mining of this seam was initiated in the 3rd quarter of 2011.

All processing hubs of the ‘Storkowo I’ plant were dismantled together with the so-called ‘tower’ which was formerly used in the processing and distribution of gravels, as well as treatment and loading of aggregate directly on lorries from the silos. It was a large, four-level structure, under which four storage and loading silos were located. Together with the tower, also the crushed aggregate facility (grits and crushed mixtures) was dismantled.

The Storkowo II plant was demolished in 2011 whereupon the mining of the resources located underground was initiated. Together with the decommissioning, the area was comprehensively restored.

In total, within the Storkowo pit 102.28 ha of land was recultivated, out of which is subject to an issued acceptance decision by the governor (mainly forest-oriented) and 6.73 ha is already developed for forest purposes by the Łobez Forest Division.

Currently, the Storkowo I plant is being fitted with a minor and efficient hub for aggregate screening and rinsing, comprised of a modern Ammann screening facility, aggregate conveyors and a dewatering wheel for dehydration of sand in different fractions. Also a facility for production of crushed aggregate will be installed after it undergoes a deep retrofit. All devices of the processing plant will be installed in a trough, below current ground level.

The lowering of the facility level and its comprehensive renovation shall improve not only the landscape, but also limit greatly the emission of noise. Modern solutions and better efficiency also enable shortening of the operation time and save energy, as well as minimise the environmental impact.

The dismantling of huge, worn-out facilities and construction of a small and modern processing plant will make the neighbourhood of the pit much more enjoyable for the local residents.