(Polish) Modernizacja kopalni Storkowo

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(Polish) Krzysztof Grzesiak- Honorowy Obywatel Gminy Cedynia

Krzysztof Grzesiak- Honorowy Obywatel Gminy Cedynia Czytaj dalej

Mammoths from Bielinek in the Museum

Mamuty z Kopalni Bielinek w Muzeum

In the issue of Kurier Szczeciński dated 24th February 2012 an article was published on the delivery of animal remnants found in the Bielinek pit to the Regional Museum of Cedynia. Czytaj dalej



According to the definition included in the act on protection of agricultural and forest land of 3rd February 1995, land recultivation is granting or returning of utility or natural value to degraded or degenerated land by means of appropriate land … Czytaj dalej

Storkowo pit

Kopalnia Storkowo

The Storkowo pit established in 1979-80, mining and processing aggregate from the Storkowo seam in two plants ‘Storkowo I’ and ‘Storkowo II’ is undergoing a deep retrofit project at the turn from 2011 to 2012. Due to the depletion of … Czytaj dalej